The best for you, your health and the environment

The MAXIMIZING GREEN standard fulfills important requirements for environmental and health protection.

In our laboratories, we continuously work on developing products that meet the latest requirements on protection of your health and the environment. With the purchase of an ILAG-coated product with MAXIMIZING GREEN standard you are always on the right side.

Produces without pollutants

The term "produced without pollutants" guarantees the avoidance of substances in the base material and our coating production that are demonstrably or potentially harmful to human beings or the environment.
Such harmful substances are specified in the SVHC-list* of the RACH regulation of the EU.

* A substance of very high concern (SVHC) is a chemical substance (or part of a group of chemical substances) concerning which it has been proposed that use within the European Union be subject to authorization under the REACH regulation. The "concern" criterion is significant because it is this classification which allows substances which are, for example, neurotoxic, endocrine-disrupting or otherwise present an unanticipated environmental health risk to be regulated under REACH.

ILAG contribution:
We protect the environment and therefore human life in the entire production process, as we avoid SVHC-listed substances, such as APEO, NMP and GenX**, for the formulation of our coatings.

** GenX is a DuPont (today: Chemours) trademark name for a chemical process and for a group of chemicals. (Source: Wikipedia)

Resource-efficient produced

ILAG consistently focuses on the development of coatings that are produced and processed as resource efficiently as possible. Various resources are used in the production of coatings; including energy, cooling water, solvents and water.
The processing of coatings involves is to be reduced with the of energy for the drying process, the waste of valuable materials and the environmental impact of organic solvents.

In the manufacturing process, the cooling water is used in a cycle and the waste heat from the cooling water is in turn recovered for energy use as best as possible.

Whenever technically possible and sensible, water-thinnable coating materials are used for cookware applications. This reduces the use of organic solvents and ensures less environmental impact during subsequent processing when drying the coating materials.

For better utilization of the coatings, we provide materials for our special range of baking molds that can be processes almost loss-free in the coil coating process. The organic solvents released in the process are almost completeley used in cycles to generate energy, thus contributing to a reduction in the demand for natural gas or petroleum.

In addition, ILAG has been relying on full CO2 compensation for years. The production of coatings is CO2-neutral in all plants.

Save working environment guaranteed

The restrictions for working conditions for handling the most harmful substances in the manufacture of chemical industrial products are clearly defined in the REACH regulation Annex XVII.

ILAG contribution:
We enable a safe working environment in the processing and manufacture of our coatings, because we do not use Annex XVII listed substances, even if their usage for coating production is allowed there.