Our forte: Powerful coatings

We develop and produce high-performance and non-stick coatings used in the following sectors:

  • Cookware
    Whether pots, pans or fryers – with our coatings, nothing ever burns.
  • Baking pans
    So sweet and savory doughs don’t stick and baked goods turn out perfectly.
  • Household items, kitchen aids and electrical appliances
    With ILAG, non-stick coated articles for everyday use become even more effective and ensure easy handling.
  • Processing industry
    Non-stick performance, abrasion resistance and easy-to-clean properties are surefire guarantees for higher productivity and extended maintenance intervals – especially in food processing or industrial baked goods production.
  • Transportation
    Decorative coatings and functional technical coatings offer numerous advantages in the automotive and transportation industry as well as in composite processing.
  • Miscellaneous industries
    Coatings with different properties can be used in medical technology, home and garden equipment, kitchen components and much more.

Our innovations: Development made by ILAG

1976Silicone coatings for baking pans: ILAFLON®
1983 Coil coating systems for baking pans applied before forming: ILACOLOR® / ILAFLON®
1986First ceramic-reinforced coating systems: ILAFLON® Resist
1987Non-stick coatings for plasma (titanium) substrates: DURIT®
1996World’s first ceramic-reinforced non-stick system: DURIT® Resist
2001First solvent-free, water-dilutable PTFE coil coating system: ILAFLON® Triplus
2002Resistant PTFE non-stick coating: DURIT® Protect Plus
2009First sol-gel-based ceramic coating: CERALON® / ILASOL®
2014 First professional coating for baking pans:
ILAFLON Select SP-1000
2015 ISO/TS 16949:2009: Certification for the automotive industry
2015 Innovative xerogel-based ceramic coating XERA-DUR®
2017 PTFE coating on a special polymer matrix: DURIT® High Level



Innovative power and responsibility

Our Mission - What we stand for:

We see the world through the eyes of our customers and develop quality products and services with innovation and maximum flexibility, which brings their goals closer. We live by the principle of sustainability: to protect the environment and for the good of our employees.

Our Vision - Where we are going:

We want to provide functional coatings to the world market with a focus on non-stick, easy clean and bonded coating systems, and to be regarded as a leading problem solver, innovator and global player.

Businesses and individuals all over the world rate ILAG as number 1 in terms of: Expertise, service, efficiency, quality, innovation, safety and environmental awareness.

Our brands: Quality and competence

Our home:
From Switzerland to the whole world over

As one of the leading companies in our industry  – Number 2 in Europe and Number 4 worldwide – our workforce of over 120 staff members is there for our customers everywhere around the globe.

  • Wangen, Switzerland (headquarters): Research & Development, Production, Sales, Administration
  • Shanghai, China: Production, Sales, Administration
  • St. John, Indiana, USA: Sales

In addition, we work together with partners in more than 49 countries, including our agents in
Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Portugal, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Our sales partners

Our production partners

YAC - Yangri Academic Centre in Pokhara/Nepal
Both the teachers and the 100 children are enthusiastically learning new things for their lives.

Our responsibility:
To children and young people around the world

  • A prospect for the street children of Nepal
    The Christian charity HIMALAYAN LIFE is building a social enterprise in the city of Pokhara, Nepal. It provides lodging, food, education, training and support to some 100 street children, thereby offering them a chance to have a life in the society there.
  • Renovation of the children’s village “SOS-Kinderdorf” Harar in Ethiopia
    In Harar, in eastern Ethiopia, one in ten children is an orphan. For as many of them as possible to have a safe home and a rainproof roof over their heads, we supported the renovation of the family lodgings there in 2011.
  • Support for children in Switzerland
    Locally here in Switzerland, we support, among other things, the police association of the Canton of Schwyz, which provides training programs in traffic safety, athletic events, and music and theater performances for children and teenagers. 

Our certifications: Your guarantee of quality and safety

We comply with ISO QS certification requirements and are committed to voluntary climate protection: