All ILAG products used for MAXIMIZING GREEN are of the highest quality.
Thanks to valuable additives in the coating, you benefit from the long life of the cookware and thus actively contribute to environmental protection, since energy costs during use and disposal costs are minimized.

MAXIMIZING GREEN – what is this?

  • It is a PTFE-based coating for cookware products that is produced with more sustainable base materials in comparison to standard PTFE coatings.
  • It is available for the quality levels ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE HL, GRANITEC HL, GRANISTONE HL and PROFESSIONAL.
  • It is recognizable for consumers by the MAXIMIZING GREEN logo next to the ILAG logo.

MAXIMIZING GREEN – understand more

What’s ILAG’s MAXIMIZING Green strategy?
We fulfill our obligation to people and the environment by providing new coatings based on sustainable raw materials. Our goal is to use alternative base materials as soon as this is technically and regulatorily possible.

What else is good to know about this product?
For this product group we only use base materials that reduce the ecological footprint – either in the coating that we produce or in the complete value chain.
We guarantee the same performance in comparison to our standard products.

What’s the difference to a standard product?
Next to the usual recipe that is formulated without APEO and PFOA (according to EU regulation 2017/1000), NMP* is eliminated from the recipe of the wet coating and GenX** is not used for the production of a base material that we use for this product group.

* NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, CAS 872-50-4) is a solvent.
** GenX is a DuPont (today: Chemours) trademark name for a chemical process and a chemical. (Source: Wikipedia)

What’s ILAG using as an alternative base material?
ILAG uses base materials that are not rated critical by legal authorities like ECHA (e.g. SVHC-list***) in Europe or EPA in the United States of America.

*** The Candidate List is a list of substances that may have serious effects on human health or the environment. (Source: ECHA website)

MAXIMIZING GREEN – other information

For detailed information about performance profile, use instructions, cleaning and temperature stability, please consult product information given in the “consumer info” section for ULTIMATE and PROFESSIONAL products.


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