By means of a usability test or a "fit for use" test, the final product is tested for suitability for the intended purpose. Accordingly, there are no general test specifications, however, the relevant standards, laws or recommendations for application shall be applied.

A coating is only suitable for an application if the finished product can meet the requirements to withstand subsequent use. Depending on the field of application, usage tests are specified in standards, but can also be specified by the customer for a specific application. We would be happy to work with you to find the right coating for a specific application.

Tests regarding the durability of coatings / Abrasion test methods
In order to check a coating's wear resistance, various abrasion test methods are used. The tests used most commonly today are the
LGA Test - Specific test methods specific by LGA Nuremberg/Germany and the
British Standard Test - BS 7069:1988

Dishwasher test - EN ISO 12875-1
In the dishwasher test, the sample material is subjected to various rinse cycles. Dishwasher suitability or dishwasher strength can be awarded depending on the number of rinse runs that can be completed without damage to the test specimen.

Test for the assessment of cleanability
The cleanability of bakeware and ovenware is tested by performing various tests and thus, the non-stick properties are also evaluated. The easier the prepared foods can be removed or 'demoulded', the easier the cleaning. Test applied for

Savoury ingredients:
Steak test EN ISO 13834, Annex D
Sweet ingredients:
Bake test EN ISO 13834, Annex C

Non-stick test for cookware and electrical appliances
The non-stick test tests the non-stick properties of coated cookware and appliances. Common tests used for this purpose are

Egg test BS 7069:1988
Milk test AFNOR NF D 21-511
Omelette test BS 7069:1988

Tests of corrosion resistance
Tomatoes, salt, vinegar and various spices are designated as aggressive foods that place considerable requirements on a coating. For household items, there are only a few standardised tests to test for blistering, infiltration or even to prevent detachment of the coating.
Special tests are

blisters or infiltration:
Salt water test AFNOR NF D 21-511
Blistering or spotting:
Rice/Tomato Test DIN CEN/TS 12983-2

In the field of cooking and baking equipment, high demands are imposed with regard to usability. Many ILAG internal tests are performed under standardised conditions.

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