"Tough and Durable" means for you that you can really "work harder" in you pan withot destroying the coating.
Thanks to the special multipolymer combination, the coating achieves a degree of hardness that even a Scotch-Brite or a metal pancake spatula cannot easily scratch ofr harm. A product from our "professional series" for your home.
Evidence is provided by various industry-standard test methods - such as the MTP abrasion test or the JIS abrasion test.

COOK like a PRO - long lasting NON-STICK EFFECT
"Cook like a Pro" means that you can enjoy cooking, because you get the best out of your pan.
The coating keeps its performance even when used in the most inense way. This is guaranteed by our special formulation, which can withstand even the highest mechanical loads.
Proof of this provided by various test methods customary in the industry such as the  LGA/milk non-stick test and BS non-stick test.

SMART and EASY - simple EASY to use
"Smart and Easy" promises maximum cooking convenience, even for "everyday" pots and pans.
They come directly from the cupboard to the stove - without much preparation, even no use of oil or fat. the best roasting results are also guaranteed! After that, simple cleaning with a household detergent is enough to prepare the pan for its next use.
Our goal at ILAG is to make consumers' lives a little easier and smarter during these hectic times.

HEALTHY Cooking - FAT-FREE and LOW in calories
For us, "Healthy cooking" also means cooking healthy and low in calories. 
This is not a problem with our non-stick coatings, as our products does only requires a minimum of oil, fat or butter.



BLUE PLUS - PFAS and PTFE-free coatings
BLUE PLUS is the alternative technology from ILAG.
For years we have been striving to present our customers with products and solutions that are user-friendly and sustainable produced. We react proactively to possible changes in legislation and offers coatings with BLUE PLUS technology, which are
free from all kinds of organic fluorine compounds such as PTFE and PFAS.



"Maximizing Green" stands for: "produced without pollutants", "resource-efficient production" and "safe working environment guaranted" and so far a significant contribution and influence on questions of sustainability.
Would you like to know more about our "Maximizing Green" sustainability label?

CO2 Neutral - CLIMATE and ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly
"CO2 Neutral" means to us, sustainability of the manufacturing process.
We run programs for compensation and reduction of CO2 emissions, during the production process of the coating, on the ILAG manufacturing sites.
This has a positive impact on our health and the same time we make a good contribution to our environment.

You have the questions - we have the answers.
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