PTFE is a thermoplastic polymer, soft by nature. As a consequence, non-stick coatings are highly sensitive to mechanical abuses like the impact of metal utensils used in cooking. Thanks to reinforcing additives, the latest generation of non-stick coatings shows considerably improved surface hardness and wear resistance and therefore longer life-time. This lead to different attempts to test the durability of non-stick coatings by simulating the impact of intensive, daily use. Test results give an idea on how coatings are expected to withstand daily, harsh use.


Abrasion resistance: refers to the ability of the coating to show no wear due to surface friction and scratches. Abrasion resistance is more a matter of toughness than of hardness. Hardness is a required property for cookware and baking pans and gives a good indication of service life. Coatings with high abrasion resistance have a longer life expectancy.

There are many internally developed test methods, but only a few are specified and recognized. The following tests are very important, above all for cookware and baking pans.