ILAFLON Select SP-500


Universal two-layer system with impressive scratch and corrosion resistance. Thanks to its good non-stick quality, the product is used primarily in dough-contact electric appliances such as waffle irons and crepe makers. Panini presses and sandwich makers are also perfect applications for these coatings.


Number of Layer 2
Coating Thickness µm 20-25
Curing Temperature °C 280
Service Temperature °C 250

ILAFLON (Select SP-500)
Is a durable universal two-coat system for frequent home use.

1. Long-lasting surface for a good non-stick effect.

2. Base coat for good corrosion resistance and optimum adhesion.

3. Specially treated basis for optimum bonding with cookware.


Application Pretreatment Suitability
Breadmaker n.a. r
Kneading hook (for breadmaker) n.a. 5
Rice cooker n.a. rr
Water heater n.a. rr
electrical wok/skillet n.a. 5
Milk pot/frother stainless steel / alu degreasing sandblasting with corundum rr
Deep fryer n.a. 5
Microwave combi (cravity) n.a. 5
Party grill n.a. rr
Waffle-/sandwich-maker alu die casting degrease sandblasting with corundum rr
Panini maker n.a. rr
Pancake maker n.a. rr
Pizza pans phosphated steel rr
Raclette pans n.a. rr
extruded alu degrease sandblasting with corundum r
Irons n.a. 5

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