ILAFLON Select SP-300


Non-stick optimized system with excellent performance. This product is characterized by high hardness and very good corrosion resistance. Together with the good non-stick effect, this coating is the ideal solution for kitchen gadgets with a wide variety of requirements.

available for EU with Swiss Shield

The selection of suitable substrate materials and adherence to the application and drying processes are essential in order to be able to meet the technical quality and the regulations required in the EU with coated food contact materials.


Number of Layer 1
Coating Thickness µm 15-20
Curing Temperature °C 280
Service Temperature °C 250


Substrate Pretreatment Suitability
Alu press alkaline degrease r
Alu cast alkaline degrease r
Alu steel alkaline degrease r
Carbon steel phosphating r
Stainless steel - 5


Application Pretreatment Suitability
Can opener - 5
Garlic press see above rr
Corkscrew - 5
Meat tenderizer - 5
Nutcracker - 5
Ice cream scoop see above rrr
Rolling pin see above rrr
Defrosting plate see above rrr
Household knife see above rrr
Fruit basket see above rrr
Splash cover see above 5

Testing Methods

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