Elemental PREMIUM


Elemental PREMIUM - Regular Use
is characterized by an outstanding durability and good performance in daily use.
Regular Use products are our starting range solutions.

  • Versatile system for daily use
  • Highly resistant top coat
  • Good scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Very good non-stick effect
  • Various color option available


Number of Layer 3
Coating Thickness µm 30-40
Curing Temperature °C 420
Service Temperature °C 250
Abrasion (BS) ppppx
Stain resistance ppxxx
Corrosion resistance (EU 10/2011) ppppx

Elemental Premium

is a ceramic reinforced three-layer non-stick system for every day use. It is suitable for all foodstuffs and demands. Good durability and very good non-stick properties make this product unique.

1. Very robust top coat for a long-lasting non-stick effect and excellent cleanability

2. Ceramic reinforced mid coat for high wear resistande and optimum bonding of all layers

3. Primer with very good adhesion to the substrate

4. Specially prepared substrate for an optimum adhesion of the coating to the cookware


Substrate Pretreatment Suitability
pressed/forged alu alkaline degrease rr
Alu cast sandblasting with corundum rr
Stainless steel sandblasting with corundum rr

Testing Methods