DURIT Professional P (Peek) - Professional Linie


Our "wavy" product from the Professional line

Highest scratch-resistant coating for a long service life. Wavy, textured surface.
Developed for use in the Professional field.
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  • Wavy surface
  • Very high hardness results in high endurance
  • Extremely scratch resistant coating
  • Very good  non-stick effect combined with long life


Number of Layer 3
Coating Thickness µm 100-150
Curing Temperature °C 420
Service Temperature °C 250
Scratch resistance ppppp
Abrasion (BS) ppppp
Non-stick (LGA) ppppx
Non-stick (LGA & milk) pppxx
Corrosion resistance ppppp

DURIT Professional P (Peek)
is a three coat system based on an innovative multi-polymer combination specially developed by ILAG. The coating stands out due to its wavy structure - and thus convinces with extreme robustness. The extremely hard surface also allows cooking with metal spoons or spatulas.

1. Surface sealing with innovative polymer matrix for highest abrasion resistance. Wavy surface with special touch and high hardness

2. Ceramic highly reinforced primer on a special NMP-free technology

3. Maximal reinforced base coat on PEEK basis to achieve highest scratch resistance and excellent lifetime of the cookware product

4. Specially prepared substrate for an optimum adhesion of the coating to the cookware product


Substrate Pretreatment Suitability
pressed/forged alu sandblasting with corundum rr
Alu cast sandblasting with corundum on Demand
Stainless steel sandblasting with corundum on Demand

Testing Methods

Test Videos

LGA abrasion test P

LGA/milk non-stick test P

BS/milk non-stick test P

Egg-, milk-, pancake non-stick test

MTP abrasion test P

JIS abrasion test

Professional image