DURIT Granistone HL


Our design model with good scratch resistance

Noble granite look with smooth, hard surface, good scratch resistance and very good abrasion resistance.
Developed for top level cookware.
Consumers can find out what DURIT Granitec HL is all about.

This product is also available in a "Maximizing Green" variant.
Here you can see what that means for you as a consumer.

  • Unique granite look with smooth surface
  • Good scratch resistance - very good abrasion resistance
  • Exceedingly exceptional non-stick properties
  • Very good cleanability


Number of Layer 3
Coating Thickness µm 40-45
Curing Temperature °C 420
Service Temperature °C 250
Scratch resistance pppxx
Abrasion (BS) ppppx
Non-stick (LGA) ppppp
Non-stick (LGA & milk) ppppp
Corrosion resistance ppppx

is a unique, three-layer non-stick coating based on DURIT High Level technology. Gentle roasting and easy cleaning, a very good scratch resistance and an excellent abrasion resistance make this product unique. The noble granite look with its smooth and hard surface sets a strong quality signal.



1. Surface sealing applied wet-in-wet to achieve good cleanability

2. Granite effect coating with polymer matrix technology is applied wet-in-wet

3. Mid coat with innovative polymer matrix enables best scratch resistance

4. Primer with strong ceramic reinforcement

5. Specially prepared substrate for an optimum adhesion of the coating to the cookware product


Substrate Pretreatment Suitability
pressed/forged alu sandblasting with corundum rr
Alu cast sandblasting with corundum rr
Stainless steel n.a. 5

Testing Methods

Basic Properties v

Non-stick Tests v

Corrosion Tests v

Abrasion Tests v

Test Videos

LGA abrasion test

LGA/milk non-stick test

BS/milk non-stick test P

Egg-, milk-, pancake non-stick test