Reinforced, two-layer sol-gel product with excellent usage properties. Due to the good non-stick effect, the system is suitable for almost all small electric appliances without exception. Due to its good sliding properties, Ceralon has also proven itself to be excellent for iron soles.


Number of Layer 2
Coating Thickness µm 35-45
Curing Temperature °C 280
Service Temperature °C 250


is a two-coat system with high hardness, which combines excellent temperature stability, good non-stick properties and outstanding cleanability. The system can be applied to almost small electrical appliances.

1. High-quality sol-gel top coat for an excellent scratch resistance and very good non-stick effect

2. Ceramic reinforced sol-gel base coat

3. Speziell vorbehandelter Untergrund für eine otimale Haftung


Substrate Pretreatment Suitability
Alu press sandblasting with corundum r
Alu cast sandblasting with corundum r
Alu steel sandblasting with corundum r
Carbon steel sandblasting with corundum & phosphating r
Stainless steel degrease & sandblasting with corundum r


Application Pretreatment Suitability
Bread maker container see above rr
Bread maker dough hook see above rrr
Panini maker see above rr
Party grill / electrical grill see above rr
Mini oven trays see above rr
Pizza maker see above rr
Pancake (Crêpes) plate see above rr
Waffle maker see above rr
Belgium Waffle maker see above rr
Pancake maker see above rr
Sandwich maker see above rr
Donut maker see above rr
Deep fat fryer see above rrr
Hot air fryer see above rr
Raclette pans - 5
Raclette grill plate see above rr
Microwave (interior) see above rr
Mini oven (interior) see above rrr
Rice cooker see above rr
Electrical wok see above rr
Slow Cooker / Skillet see above rr
Milk frother see above rrr
Cheese fondue pot see above rrr
Meat fondue pot see above rrr
Chocolate fondue pot see above rr
Iron soles see above rrr

Care Instructions

Care Instructions, Ceramic Electric v

Important safety instructions

  • Make sure that the pans are never unattended or used near children.
  • Do not let the pan stand on a hot stove for longer than necessary.
  • To avoid injury, always be careful with handling hot pans.
  • Make sure that handles are never positioned above heated hotplates.
  • The Ceralon ® coating is PTFE, PFOA and fluorine-free.

Notes on use

Cleaning and care

Testing Methods

Basic Properties v

Abrasion Tests v

Non-stick Tests v

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