Two-layer reinforced system with high hardness, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and extended design varieties.


Number of Layer 2
Coating Thickness µm 30-40
Curing Temperature °C 280
Service Temperature °C 250


is a two-coat system with high hardness, which combines excellent temperature stability, good non-stick properties and outstanding cleanability. The system can be applied to almost small electrical appliances.

1. High-quality sol-gel top coat for an excellent scratch resistance and very good non-stick effect

2. Ceramic reinforced sol-gel base coat

3. Speziell vorbehandelter Untergrund für eine otimale Haftung


Application Pretreatment Suitability
Bread maker cavity sandblasting r
Bread maker dough hook alu die casting degrease sandblasting with corundum r
Rice cooker n.a. 5
Water heater n.a. 5
Electrical wok alu die casting degrease sandblasting with corundum rr
Milk frother stainless steel / alu degreasing sandblasting with corundum rr
Deep fat fryer n.a. 5
Microwave (cavity) aluminised steel degrease sandblasting with corundum r
Party grill / electrical grill extruded alu / alu die casting degrease sandblasting with corundum rr
Waffle maker n.a. 5
Panini maker n.a. 5
Pancake (Crêpes) plate n.a. 5
Pizza maker n.a. 5
Raclette pans n.a. 5
extruded alu alkaline degreasing phosphated steel rr
Iron soles alu die casting degrease sandblasting with corundum rr

Care Instructions

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Important safety instructions

  • Make sure that the pans are never unattended or used near children.
  • Do not let the pan stand on a hot stove for longer than necessary.
  • To avoid injury, always be careful with handling hot pans.
  • Make sure that handles are never positioned above heated hotplates.
  • The Ceralon ® coating is PTFE, PFOA and fluorine-free.

Notes on use

Cleaning and care

Testing Methods

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