New environmental engagement of ILAG

New environmental engagement of ILAG


The energy transition is one of the global key challenges. A major aspect of the energy transition is to reduce energy consumption of housing and buildings. Renewable energy supply of buildings is indispensable for a successful energy transition.

Modern building technology concepts should be designed to generate most of the energy for heating, cooling and electricity locally from renewable energy sources. The main objective of the TRI-HP project is the development and demonstration of flexible, energy efficient and affordable tri-generation systems (tri stands for heating, cooling and electricity), which can obtain up to 80% of energy requirement from renewable energy sources on site.

ILAG teamed up with a total of 12 project partners from universities, research institutes, industry and SME’s from Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Spain.

ILAG’s contribution is the development of a coating for a so called “Ice Slurry Storage” tank to prevent water from immediate freezing.