EU funded TRI-HP project with ILAG participation

EU funded TRI-HP project with ILAG participation


In the January issue of Open Access Government, a digital publication that provides a detailed quarterly overview of important areas such as research and innovation, technology, as well as the environment and energy, an article about the EU-funded TRI-HP project was published.

In the TRI-HP project, Industrielack AG (ILAG) is developing ice-phobic coatings for heat exchangers together with the "Danish Technological Institute (DTI)", the "Institute of Refrigeration" at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe (IKKU-UASKA) and the "SPF Institute for Solar Technology" Rapperswil.

These ice-phobic coatings are then used in new types of heat exchangers in the TRI-HP ice slurry systems. These systems, which combine heating, cooling and electricity generation from predominantly renewable energy sources, can be used, for example, for apartment buildings.

You can also read here the original report of Open Access Government.